How do we consistently outperform our competitors?

We analyze where others ignore.


An amazingly creative technology company from
Orange County, California.

Developing marketing strategies is like story telling fueled by imagination, crafted by creativity, and driven by hard work.

Full Service Advertising

Granite specializes in crafting campaigns, and delivering custom analytical solutions for online marketing. We have an extensive array of proprietary technology that sets us apart from the crowd.

Custom Solutions

In addition to product sales and brand development. Granite can help you solve challenging IT problems and put you on the cutting edge. We can manage and develop custom software solutions to meet a wide range of needs. From wireframes to wiring up we've got your needs looked after.


How do we stand out from the crowd?

Design Innovation meets usability



We are a tech-focused advertising company based in Orange County, California


Marketing Services

Internet marketing is our specialty. We are voluminous Lead Generators and actively operate in many verticals. We have extensive experience marketing for a wide variety of companies in a multitude of industries. We have a vast array of techniques for visitor acquisition, from social media & search, to banner and contextual ads.

Lead Generation, Sales Marketing, Organic SEO, Search Rank

Software Development

Need something custom to solve a unique challenge in your business? Trust Granite to provide you with the solution. We are experts in process automation, and can help make your business more efficient. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs.

Automation, IT Planning, Custom eCommerce

Enterprise Solutions

We have experience operating High Performance Compute Clusters (HPCC) as well as developing custom analytical software. Technology is power, we can help you harness your power and achieve maximum efficiency!

Infrastructure Setup, Private Cloud Engineering

How do we consistently outperform our competitors?


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